Mighty Steel 32'x32' Garage/Office/Carport

The central building is 18' in width and 32' in length. The eve height is 13.5'. The height would accommodate a 12' high garage door for an RV, or raise the eve height to 15' and go with a 14' high door. Of course, the length may be extended to whatever size you require. The office/garage to the right is 14' in width, sits back 2' and has a 2' portico porch. The carport is 10' x 20'. The Whippoorwill may be customized to your specifications.

Shown is a 10' x 20' carport. The roof pitch is 4/12.

The model is handsome from any perspective. The siding is Grandbeam lap siding. From the street it has the appearance of a stick-built building, perhaps with either Hardiplandk or vinyl siding.

Closer view of the building showing portico.

Rear view showing recessed 18' portion. This building was designed for a client who had a 32'x32' slab already poured. Normally, the slab is the same size as the building. By this measure the siding goes over the edge of the concrete slab for proper water runoff.

Another view of the rear. Note that there are two vents front and back:  one vent is for the 18' garage, the other for the 14' garage. There is a wall between the two.

Birdseye view.

As before, there is a wall dividing the two sections.

Possible storage features.

Another view. The 18' wide garage's tall walls allows room for overhead storage.

Top it off with a welcoming vinyl cupola and weathervane.