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Alan & Ann 
Atlanta, GA 30360-1341

To: Anyone Considering the Purchase of a Lawn and Garden Building.

My wife and I first considered having a lawn building erected in our back yard about four years ago. We visited several large chain retailers as well as a few local independent retailers, who had on-sight displays of their finished product. As I had been involved in the building trade during my college years, I knew more than the average person about quality construction. When we inspected what they offered and the “low prices” that they asked for their product, we could not justify spending even that amount for what they had on display. The quality, at any price, just wasn’t there.

We have expended a lot of time and effort into making our property look just the way we want. The only thing that was missing was a building in which to store our landscaping and gardening equipment. Just when we were about to give up, we came upon the Bradley building website. We were very impressed with what was offered. However, it is relatively easy to make your product look attractive on a web site. So, I called and spoke with David Parsons...and discussed the product I had chosen from the many offerings on the web site.

After speaking at length and asking many pertinent questions, all of which he answered without hesitation and to my satisfaction, we ordered our building.

After a very short period of time, we were the proud owners of a quality built product that is every bit as well constructed as anyone’s home. David’s personal attention and service can’t be found anywhere else. He made the building process a pleasure.

The best part about all of this is the fact that, for just a few dollars more, I have a quality building that will last a lifetime. We know we made the right choice -- when we first started looking just over four years ago, my neighbor just purchased one of those buildings from a large national chain and, guess what -- not only is it leaning to one side, the sides are buckling, the door won’t close and the roof leaks.

You can buy a building less expensive but I guarantee you will have to repair or replace it several times over and ours will still be standing.


Alan and Ann

Photos supplied by the customer

12x16 Syracuse showing quality of materials and workmanship.
This particular building is equipped wit
h lateral steel straps for
support. These are incorporated when utilizing the Hardiplank
4x8 Stucco Boards (see below).
Not your average yard barn...

The Syracuse is completed. The cupola and weathervane
have been installed. The building is ready to be primed and painted.
Notice the "reverse gable"; the gabled ends extend past the walls
in order to form an overhang. Coupled with the Cool-it Ventilation
system and Bow Guard, the reverse gable is an attribute that may
only be found in a Bradley..