Old Dominion Monitor Barn-Style Home Plans
The Old Dominion Monitor Barn-Style Home.  

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License. Author:  Serge Melki.

The name "Old Dominion" referred to the original Colony of Virginia, later called The Dominion of Virginia. The monitor barn-style home was popular throughout the several states.

First things first:  the paint is a reflection of boldness; of course, the siding and trim may be painted to your specification. The red does, however, give it a high WOW! factor. Scroll down for a palette of color designs.

40'x40' two-story barn home plans
End view. The Old Dominion is handsome from any angle. The footprint of the home is approximately 40'x40'. The 16' wide great room is two stories tall. Scroll down to see the interior plans.
12'x16' porch plan
Red again and, hence, the WOW! factor. The portico porch is unexpected and is meant to be in a rural setting. In a more populated area, the open portico may be enclosed with screen. The space may also be converted into a single car garage or carport. A two-car design follows below.
40'x40' monitor barn-style home plans
Two bedrooms and a bath fill the rear wing. The master suite is situated up front.
40'x40' two-story barn style home plans
The guest bedroom occupies the end corner of the 12' wide wing. The entrance door opens to a stairwell which leads upstairs to a third bedroom and/or office.
Barbecue patio with sliding window to kitchen
Wow! The large 5' sliding window over the sink/counter opens out to a patio and barbecue area. 
Western style barn home
Front corner view.
western barn style home
The monitor windows are 2' high and 3' in length; one panel slides in order to open the window. The monitor barn-style home was not limited to use in the Dominion of Virginia; it was also popular in the several states.
Two-story home with open ceiling, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and porch.
Birdseye view showing the 40' long entertainment area. The great room from the edge of the dining chair to the fireplace wall is approximately 19' in height.
Upstairs bedroom plan with balcony below.
Upstairs elevation:  The spacious third bedroom could either be a game room or an office. Scroll down to see a larger version of The Old Dominion with a double garage. 
48'x66' western ranch plans
If you do not require a second floor, the entire entertainment area may be transformed into a two-story grand salon. Note that the term "grand" does not mean expensive; it only looks grand. The home is 48'x66' in length. The wings sit in 1' on both ends.
48'x66' single level home with cathedral ceilings.
The portico in this instance, as is the fireplace, are accented by stone. The porch is the screened in for casual living, free from pesky bugs.
Plans for 44'x66' monitor barn style home
The two-car garage opens into a hallway with a close proximity to the kitchen, making carrying in of groceries a joy.
3 bedroom, 2 bath barn style home with 2 car garage
The Old Dominion may be customized as you desire; for instance, the garage entrance could be on the side.
Grand salon with tall clearstory windows
The tall windows flood the grand salon with sunlight. Blinds or draperies, while not shown, would be pulled at night for solitude.
Old Dominion barn style home plans
Birdseye view. As before, the Old Dominion is handsome from any angle.
Plans for 66'x48' single level home with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths.
Note the size of the bedrooms; they are much larger in this version; however, there are only two.


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