Silhouette RV Garage / Office / Workshop / 
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The Silhouette is built in the Southeastern region of the United States:  Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and the southernmost parts of Tennessee and North Carolina. Sorry, but we do not build this model in Florida or Virginia.  

Silhouette RV  and truck garage.
Silhouette RV and Car Garage. Scroll down to see more renderings of this variation of the theme.

Silhouette RV garage and truck carport.
Silhouette RV and Carport with Workshop. There is a 16' workshop/storage area behind the carport.

Silhouette RV garage and truck garage plans.
The RV door is 12' in width and 14' in height, sufficient to accommodate a Class A coach. Scroll down to see this model with a garage door enclosing the carport.

Silhouette RV and truck garage.
Front view showing workshop/storage area wall at the back of the carport. The roof pitch is approximately 3/12. 

Silhouette RV and carport
Side view showing walk door to RV garage and smaller garage door in the rear which opens into the workshop/storage area. 
Silhouette RV and truck garage with workshop.
Workshop/storage area. There are a variety of colors from which to select.  
Rear of RV and truck garage.
Rear elevation.
Overhead look of RV garage.
Birds-eye view. 
Interior plans of RV garage with workshop.
Compartments of the Silhouette model. The sizes are customizable.
RV garage and truck garage.Silhouette RV  and truck garage.
Silhouette model showing a slight break in the roofline where the car garage is attached.
RV garage with boat garage plans.
The color on this version pops.
Side view of RV garage.
Silhouette side view.
Rear view of RV and truck garage.
Rear view. The car/truck garage can go all the way to the rear of the RV garage if so desire.
sky view of RV garage and truck garage.
Overlooking the model.
RV garage with workshop and lift.
Silhouette model in forest green trim. 
RV and car garages.
Silhouette model with white siding and trim. 
White RV garage with green roof.
Silhouette model with a green roof.

Add a couple of handsome cupolas to add more curb appeal. The cupolas are roof jewelry in that they do not function.  Click here  for more information about vinyl copulas:


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