The Rampart RV Shelter with Option of an Office, Workshop, or car garage. 
These plans are copyrighted 2015.

The Rampart is built in the Southeastern region of the United States:  Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and the southernmost parts of Tennessee and North Carolina. Sorry, but we do not build this model in Florida or Virginia.  

The Rampart basic RV shelter with car garage.
Depicted is a 16'x40' Rampart RV Shelter. The copyrighted model has a 15' eve height and 14' minimum of headroom beneath the enclosed gable end. The garage/office/storage/workshop to the right is 10' in width. This design may be customized; for instance, the width and length may be changed, the model flipped so that the RV garage is on the right side, etc.

The Rampart basic farm vehicle shelter with enclosed wing.
The Rampart begins as a basic RV shelter; however, it can be upgraded so that both sides are fully enclosed. See next.

Basic RV shelter with two wings.
The wings in this rendering are 14' in width and may be utilized as either living quarters or, in this event, a place to sell farm products.

Basic RV shelter with garage.
The Model looking into the garage area. Note that the RV shelter comes with 6' of steel on the side, which protects the RV from most of the elements.
Plans for RV shelter with garage.
Rear elevation.
Mighty Steel RV Shelter with enclosed wing.
Side elevation. The posts are spaced 5' on center. The model is highlighted by a 6" closed fascia all sides. A gutter and downspout system may be added without difficulty.
Steel RV Shelter
Rear elevation showing windows.
Mighty Steel 16x40 RV shelter with storage.
From the top.

Add a couple of handsome cupolas to add more curb appeal. The cupolas are roof jewelry in that they do not function.  Click here  for more information about vinyl copulas:


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