New Yorker Garage Apartment with a Flair. 
These plans are copyrighted 2015.

The New Yorker doesn't cost any more to build than a standard garage apartment, it is just a little more stylish and inviting. The New Yorker is built in the Southeastern region of the United States:  Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and the southernmost parts of Tennessee and North Carolina. Sorry, but we do not build this model in Florida or Virginia.  

New York style garage apartment plans.
Cambridge New Yorker 24'x30' garage apartment. The copyrighted design makes the most out of a few partition walls. This model will sit atop any Cambridge two-story garage apartment. Bradley will be happy to customized this model.

24'x30' garage apartment with cathedral ceilings
The stairwell is open which allows the half-round window to flood the room with light. Notice that the New Yorker has scissor trusses which gives it a cathedral ceiling. That space to the left of the kitchen pantry will accommodate a door leading out to a 2nd story deck.

The color red spices up any apartment wall
The kitchen is basic; however, you may add cabinets over the appliances and bottom cabinets. Bradley only builds the shell, partition walls, second floor, and stairwell. The client finishes out the building.

24'x30' garage apartment great room
The New Yorker has standard vinyl windows. Only an opening is shown here, not actual windows. The closet at the end of the sofa may either be a guest closet or a laundry room.
The New Yorker features a double tiered closet.
The hallway leads to the bathroom on the left, a linen closet straight ahead, and the master bedroom to the right.
New York style garage apartment plans.
The closet features double tiered racks which, effectively, doubles your closet space.
Plans for a 24'x30' garage apartment
The plan is to scale. Note the space around the queen sized bed. The privacy bath has a door between the water closet and shower tub and the sink. Hence, one may be brushing his/her teeth while another is taking a shower.
Privacy bath
Looking down on a privacy tub/shower bathroom. 

Add a couple of handsome cupolas to add more curb appeal. The cupolas are roof jewelry in that they do not function.  Click here  for more information about vinyl copulas:


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