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Mighty Steel Fun 'n Sun Picnic Shelters
Available in 12' to 30' in width. Length ranges from 20' to 60' (Larger sizes are available -- call your personal Bradley/Mighty Steel pro). Bradley will either anchor the posts in concrete, attach to your concrete pad utilizing either a rail system or L-plate, or attach them to an asphalt surface.


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Fun 'n Sun Picnic Shelter. The model pictured here is
24' in width and 50' in length. It has 9' posts with 12" of steel on the sides; this 
leaves 8' of headroom.

Each shelter is equipped with an enclosed soffit on the sides which will receive
a gutter system (gutters not included). The siding and roof steel is FABRAL Grandbeam 
26 gauge lap siding. The overlapping steel simulates true lap siding but is void of the 
continued maintenance of a wood structure. Grandbeam comes with a 25-year warranty 
on the paint against fading and chalking.


Pricing includes picnic shelter with a 26 gauge Grandbeam built-up, lap-style roof and siding, enclosed gable ends, 12" of steel on sides, boxed eve on sides (ready for gutters, not included), snow/high wind bracing, and 9' high 14 gauge steel galvanized posts. This leaves 8' of headroom below the steel on the side. Note: The length of the shelters are in 5' increments; this is because the posts are spaced 5' on center. If you require a specific length, we can do it. Sample pricing follows: Call for a quote if your size is not listed here. 
Anchored to either the ground or secured to an optional concrete slab. Concrete slab is not included. Bradley pours concrete slabs and driveways.
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12x20 $2,155   20x30 $3.927   24x35 $5,514   30x40


18x25 $3,117   20x40 $4,936   24x50 $7,684   30x60 $12,957
20x20 $3,000   24x25 $4,397   28x60 $10,670   30x100 $20,892


Another view of the 24x50 shelter, lends beauty and function to any setting.

The horizontal bracing at the apex of the roof is 10' in length and is designed for 
both structural integrity and snow loads. 

MIGHTY STEEL Close-up of a 24x50 picnic shelter.

MIGHTY STEEL 24'x95' church picnic shelter with 12' posts.

Entertain in the cool shade of an insulated pool shelter. Shown is a 12x25 pool shelter with 
Grandbeam lap siding, a vinyl cupola, and insulated ceiling. Installed cost is $3,740.00. 
The customer wrapped the galvanized posts with vinyl posts (see next photo).

12x25 pool shelter with wrap-around vinyl posts added.

12x25 pool shelter showing interior with insulated ceiling to take the brunt of the summer heat.

Typical attachment of shelter to a concrete pad. It is also possible to 
secure the posts with a smaller L-bracket. Note: The shelter may also be
secured to the ground with posts in concrete. Note: The posts in the pool
shelter are secured with a hidden concrete bracket; hence only the posts
are shown. 

Bradley Mighty Steel Carports and Metal Buildings are designed to last a lifetime. The sun, rain and snow will not harm Fabral's Grandbeam decking. The latter is fashioned from 26 gauge industrial quality full hard steel and has a protective galvanized coating.

The Bradley MIGHTY STEEL Super Hero delivers and installs in Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Faster than Spider Man, steel is ordered every week and installed within two to three weeks in most instances.

Fabral metal wall and roof systems come with 10 built-in levels of protection: 

  • Bare Steel: Fabral uses 26 gauge, 80,000 minimum PSI  bare steel, with a minimum .015 thickness before paint is applied to assure you of the thickest, strongest panel in the industry -- up to 50% stronger than some competitors' 26 gauge, 40,000 PSI steel.
  • Galvanization (2 layers): FABRAL has up to 1.0 oz. of zinc protection as compared to competitors' G60 or G90 products, resulting in up to 67% more corrosion protection.
  • Zinc Pretreatment (2 layers): Prepares the surface for paint while adding additional corrosion resistance. Many other panels skip this procedure.
  • Sealer Coat (2 layers): Seals the Zinc Pretreatment and smoothes the surface to receive the paint.
  • Thick Primer Coat (2 layers): Prepares the surface for consistent color application while adding even more corrosion protection.
  • Backer Coat: Full coat backer in off-white for consistency inside the building.
  • Top Coat: Super Alurite 2000, the industry leading exterior paint for color retention and durability.

All this adds up to...

is backed by an industry leading 25 Year Warranty for chalk and fade.

Fabral's strict quality control procedures assure you of receiving a superior finish every time.


 Click Here  to select a color combination. Feel free to mix and match or choose only one color.

Concrete slab: Please ask for a quote. Note: The slab requires at least a 4" footer in order to accept concrete posts.

Commercial Customers: Prior to faxing either a purchase order or project release form, please speak to your personal Bradley pro. There are no toxic or hazard materials involved other than a general concrete mix when installing posts in the ground; hence, MSDA sheets may not be applicable.

Individuals, Churches, etc: You may either telephone or fax an order. Bradley will create an Invoice and fax it back to you. You will also receive an original invoice via postal mail.

Terms: 60% down prior to ordering precut steel, balance on completion.


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