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24x30 3-car garage with 9' of headroom downstairs. Features exterior stairs, Hardiplank siding, and an apartment, office, or mother-in-law quarters upstairs. This building can be customized to match your home. Or it can be a stand-alone home. For instance, two of the garage compartments can be changed into living quarters. This would afford 1,152 square feet of living area.

Pricing:  The 24x30 building shown above with concrete slab on a level site, 8x8 exterior deck, carriage doors, 2 door openers, 7 windows, portico/porch, trim, etc., is around $44,000.00 to include the 5% discount and adding back the tax on materials. Gutters not included. Concrete driveway additional. 

A shorter 24x24 model with 2 standard garage doors and openers and 14 windows runs around $37,700.00 to include the 5% discount and adding back the tax on materials. 

Upstairs Elevation:  Features load bearing floor, 6' walls, and cathedral ceiling reaching 11' in height. The center partition wall supports the roof; hence, partitions must be installed around the partitions. See next for a possible 24'x24', 2-car garage with either an art studio or mother-in-law suite.
Highlander 24'x37' Model. This plan is ideal for that client looking to build a garage apartment prior to building his/her home. It has enticing architectural
features that could easily be carried over to a home. There is 2' between each of the doors along the front. The siding may either be Hardiplank or vinyl lap 
siding. Other sidings are available. Note: The upstairs has 6' of wall height on the long side; this may be extended to 8'-9' creating a true two-story. Windows
could then be placed along both sides, as desired.
The Highlander accentuates the positive with the 3'x37' portico/porch. The carved 4x8's add a distinguished touch. 
A deck is always a good investment: it greatly expands the livable space. 
Note that the decorative, carved supports of the portico is carried over on the deck. The deck shown is 10'x14'. It is of sufficient size for a table and 
umbrellas and a barbecue. The windows may vary according to the location.
Bird's eye view shoring the 10/12 pitched roof and the rear of the exterior. 
Downstairs elevation. This design is customizable. For instance, the staircase may be situated on the far right or left. Or it can be eliminated altogether when adding a 
staircase to the patio. See staircase A and B in the plans.
The upstairs is geared for both a leisurely stay at home in the evening or for entertaining guests. The spacious great room has a natural flow. And, as before, the 
entertainment can be extended to the inviting deck. Take a minute to look at the numerous details, for example, the wall of art above the stairs; the 1/2 wall around the staircase allows an uninterrupted view. See the next plan for a variation of the bathroom. 
The layout is the same; however, the bath in this instance has a privacy door from the bedroom. See next plan for a staircase to one end. 
Elevation C:  This plan has the staircase to one end, per the original 3-D renderings above. This allows room for a guest 1/2 powder room. Or, that area could be
a laundry room. At present, the laundry facilities are located beneath the stairwell in the garage. The wall protecting the staircase is only 36" in height; hence,
the 42" staircase adds visual space to the already large, great room.   Note that this plan allows a large table and buffet.
FRONT Elevation 24x24 Highlander:  Features 2 each 8x7 carriage doors and a 36" walk door. The walk door could be a wood stained door with a window. Of course, the colors may be changed. The downstairs features 9' of headroom; the upstairs features 8' walls with a 10' ceiling down the middle. 

FRONT Elevation 24x24 Highlander:  This is a variation of the above theme, which allows more room for vehicle parking; especially, to allow sufficient room to open vehicle doors. In this configuration, the man door to the garage could be located on the gable end.
LEFT SIDE Elevation 24x24 Highlander (Plan A):  The plan is highlighted by a steep 10/12 pitched roof, wide trim boards, Hardy Company tabbed siding, clearstory windows downstairs for privacy, and a roof over the workshop which mimics the portico. See next. 
24'x28' HIGHLANDER HOME WITH SMARTSIDE T1-11 SIDING:  A garage may easily be added to either side of the home in the future. It will then take on the look of a very large home. In fact, it will be, as the square footage on this home is 1344 SF. Add a 24x24 garage and you will have 1920 SF under roof. There are two recessed lights above the door; one lights up the door way, the other a potted plant. Hardiplank or vinyl siding is an upgrade.
24'x28' DOWNSTAIRS ELEVATION WITH LIVING BOTH UP- AND DOWN STAIRS: The kitchen area has sufficient room for a  table with chairs, which is ideal for both dining and kids doing their homework and playing. There is easy access to a concrete patio or deck for barbecuing. Tile runs throughout the bottom floor except for the master bedroom. This cuts down on floor maintenance and wear and tear. An area rug in the living room softens the tile and provides an area for kids to lounge on the floor. Notice the washer and dryer beneath the stairwell. The bath is semi-private, allowing one family member to dry her hair while another showers. The master bedroom has access to the bath. The kitchen/dining/living area is a whopping 12x23. Called a "great room," it makes the home look much larger than one of a comparable size. When a guest arrives, it adds the WOW factor.
4'x28' UPSTAIRS ELEVATION:  The bunk beds allow up to 6 kids to sleep upstairs. Each room has space for a long student desk with cabinets above. The closets are double tiered, meaning that there are two rows of hangers in each. The bath is separated so that 2 kids can brush their teeth, etc., while another is taking a shower. The community play area helps to keep the kids out of your hair. The shelves will hold a goodly number of books and games. The game table is low with pillows. While not shown, a window seat could be placed in the middle section. Also not shown, a private entrance from the top bedroom to the bath could be opened by adding a door.

24'x24' UPSTAIRS ELEVATION:  Note that this elevation is flipped. The space has been turned into an art gallery and studio. The 11'x15' future bedroom could be used as an additional gallery. The bedroom closet may be used for artist's supplies. Notice the computer desk in front of the window. A tub/shower combo could be substituted for the tub.
24'x24' UPSTAIRS ELEVATION A:  The art studio is transformed into a handsome one bedroom apartment. Features a spacious eat-in kitchen, pocket door entrance to the bedroom, walk in closet in the bedroom, and an additional closet + linen in the bath. Notice the privacy entrance to the bath from the bedroom. The double-door entrance allows guests to utilize the bath without going through the bedroom. The air conditioner blower and hot water heater would be located in the main garage.
24'x24' UPSTAIRS ELEVATION B:  This is an alternative to the art studio above. In this plan, the living, dining, and kitchen areas are situated in a spacious 12'x23' room, allowing a great open living area. The 8'x8' deck adds to the living space, and the quality of living -- nothing like the aroma of barbecued spareribs to say, Welcome to my home. Note that a washer and dryer has been added to the bathroom. Moreover, an AC air-handling room is included at the end of the kitchen. If you desire a tub/shower instead of a shower, there is room if the washer and dryer is a stack combo. Note that the garage entrance can be from the front. In this event, the stairs would be straight.


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