The floor plan is open and inviting. The spaciousness of
the 17'x29' great room chases away that closed-in feeling. 
A legend in the making.

OVERHEAD ELEVATION:  30x34 Cambridge Model with 1020 SF of air-conditioned area. Includes a commercially engineered and built truss system. The bath may be directly accessed from the bedroom by an added door. 
ROOM SIZE ELEVATION:  All sizes are approximate.
FRONT ELEVATION:  Built according to the Southern Building Code.  Studs 16" OC., double headers over doors and windows, double top plate, hurricane anchors, etc.
LEFT SIDE ELEVATION FACING LAKE:  Shingles are architectural with a Cobra type ridge vent.  Venting is accomplished by under-the-eve venting and two large 22"x22" octagon wall vents.
RIGHT SIDE ELEVATION:  Shows greenhouse window in kitchen and two windows in master bedroom.  All windows and doors have flashing to prevent water from running behind said items.
CONCRETE ELEVATION:  The home may either rest on a concrete slab or upon a concrete block wall and piers, both according to county code. When going with the block and piers, flooring is 3/4" OSB tongue and groove flooring nailed and glued.