Bradley B U I L D I N G S

1ST FLOOR  ELEVATION: Note that the building requires center iron posts down the middle of the garage. The doors on the front have to work around these. There is a 45 degree angle to the entrance foyer, which gives it a grand entrance. Also note the size of the seasonal closet.
2nd FLOOR  ELEVATION: Notice that the bedroom on the right has two closets. This allowed the closet in the left bedroom to be lengthened. These are designed to be tiered closets; that is, closets with two racks to hang clothes. In effect, this doubles the size of the closets.
CUT-AWAY ELEVATION: There is 8' of headroom downstairs, 9' up, and approx. 4' in the truss attic. The latter is accessed by pull-down stairs. The second floor is 9' throughout most of it. The truss attic is commercially produced and sits on top of a stick-built structure. Note the 2' kneewall on each side. This is to allow more room in the bedrooms. Note the center posts downstairs.

LEFT SIDE  ELEVATION: The left 17.5' is a true two-story.