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ATTIC TRUSS ELEVATION: The Cambridge was structurally engineered with a wide 20' room.  There is a built-in web truss for the floor which adds greatly to the strength of the building. The truss members are spaced 16" on center which is desired for a floor that doesn't give. Moreover, there is a web truss at the top to tie everything together. The top triangle is added on the site; otherwise, the trusses would be too wide to deliver. The floor features the Bradley Silent Floor System: tongue and groove OSB flooring glued and nailed. Access is by either a staircase or pull-down stairs.

This system has been copyrighted by Bradley and may not be used without permission.

UPSTAIRS ELEVATION: The photo affords a better look at the 20' wide room. Air conditioning ductwork may be run through the 2'x5' dead space in the walls. Although not shown, a 42"x6' closet may be built over the stairwell (add $250.00). 
STAIR ELEVATION: The stairs are 42" in width and begin 4' from the end wall. This may be flipped if desired. You have a choice of a stairwell or rail and balusters. The top 36" wall could either be open or drywalled. 
STAIRWELL ELEVATION: The 42" staircase/stairwell allows 6' wide doors beneath. Pricing includes framing out the doors, if so desired; however, the interior doors are not includes. These are installed once the drywall is up.  

UPSTAIRS ELEVATION: The floor space is 20' wide. Two feet on either side are used to support the truss system. This is a good area to run A/C ducting, etc. The trusses are 16" OC which adds to the strength of both the floor and roof system.


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