Cambridge Essex with 1632 Square Feet

 Ideal plan for a wider lot. The entrance door, although not shown in this detail,
is accessed by a covered porch. A two-car garage
could be added initially or at a later date.

Notice the walk-in closets in each bedroom, a second closet in the master bedroom and
a linen closet in the hallway. The split bedroom plan affords a great deal of privacy. 
The hallway is extra wide in order to provide a photo/painting gallery. Picture this with inset lighting on the art.
Adding tile to the hallway will add years to the carpeting in the rest of the home. The price of tile is on par with carpeting.
The formal entrance opens into the great room where there is room for a game table, piano, computer station, etc.
The wall behind the TV and leading into the dining room would look great with a good wallpaper design.
This is a home designed for entertaining: the spacious kitchen, dining room and living room insure that your guests will enjoy their stay.

Below is pricing on this model:

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This quote does not include: concrete slab, patio, and stoop. Moreover, it does not include plumbing, electrical, electrical fixtures, coach lights, insulation, drywall, cabinetry, bathroom fixtures, interior doors, interior trim, water heater, AC unit, flooring tile, carpeting, caulking, painting, staining, etc. This is a shell only.

$ 31,384.00    Package price for 32x60 Cambridge Essex model.
    Included      Secured to customer's concrete slab via Red Head expansion bolts.
    Included      Studs: Number 2 white wood studs and spaced on 16" centers. Some builders space studs 24" on center which can cause the siding to warp.
    Included      5/12 truss system. Specs: commercially engineered and producted trusses spaced 24" on center
    Included      Hurricane clips
    Included      Single wall construction: studs wrapped in TYBEC type vapor barrier or house wrap and Smartside paneling (primed).
    Included      Siding and Trim Nails: Bradley insists on either galvanized or electroplated rust-resistant nails. Wax coated nails will soon rust and leave ugly marks and streaks.
    Included      Roof decking:  4'x8' sheets of  7/16" OSB (Orient Strand Board); the decking is the industrial standard and is found on practically every new home. Includes plywood clips.
    Included      25-year, 3-tab shingles (choice of colors). Includes 15# tarpaper.
    Included      True 12" overhang. Includes vinyl soffit.
    Included      Fascia Board: 1"x6" primed white wood all sides. Also includes 2x4 support on end of trusses to firm up the fascia board; otherwise, it will warp.
    Included      Headers: double headers over doors and windows.
    Included      10 each white vinyl, double insulated windows. Single hung.
    Included      Ventilation System: 3 each 22"x22" vinyl louvered octagon vents and a full ridge (Cobra) vent. In addition, the soffit is fully vented, readying the home for AC.
    Included      6' wide steel insulated French doors with 15-light design.
    Included      1 each 6-panel, steel insulated door. Opens in and to the right.
    Included      1 each 9-light, steel insulated door. Opens in and to the right.
    Included      3 each standard double locksets
    Included      6' wide sliding patio doors with lockset.
       155.00      22.5" Attic Pull-Down Stairway 
    2,762.64      Partition walls as shown. 216 LF @ $12.76 LF. Interior doors are not included.
    Included      6"x6" post on porch.
    Included      4'x7' porch with plywood enclosed ceiling.
       168.00      4 pair of shutters for the front. Colors:  Black, gray, or forest green. The balance of windows do not have shutters.
 <-1,723.48>    Advantage Sale: You will save 5% on the above package.
 $32,746.16      Subtotal
     1,309.85       TAX on materials only
 $34,056.01      TOTAL

Pricing includes delivery of materials and construction.
     6,136.00      Upgrade SmartSide paneling to vinyl siding. Includes aluminum trimcoil coverning fascia boards.
     7,337.00      Upgrade SmartSide paneling to Hardiplank siding. Includes Hardy corners and primed fascia boards.
        475.00      Upgrade 3-tab shingles to 25-year architectural shingles as shown in the plans.
        625.00      Add vinyl shake to the front gable end. The other two ends are covered with the siding selected.