WINSTON-SALEM FRONT ELEVATION:  This dramatic makes the most of a 24'x22' footprint. Although this building is shown "water table" brick, it looks just as handsome with hardiplank or vinyl going from top to bottom. Hint: Add chair rail trim and paint that portion below an accent color. Features 36" walk door, 2 each 8x7 steel carriage doors,  2 wide 6' dormers, Hardiplank siding, and double trim around the top. The 2 dormers may be combined to form one 12' wide shed dormer. This plan may be customized to either match or accent your home.

WINSTON-SALEM RIGHT SIDE ELEVATION:  Note that the brown side represents brick. This side may also be hardiplank or vinyl.

DOWNSTAIRS ELEVATION:  A 24' wide garage allows adequate parking plus storage space. The doors are 8' in width which allows the 36" walk door to go on the front side. If you would like to go with a 9' wide door, the walk door could be put on the side. Note the storage beneath the stairwell and the area for a workbench and storage.

UPSTAIRS ELEVATION:  The upstairs is quite spacious with the 2 wide dormers. The 3' high partition wall off if you are going just for storage; this will give a little extra room. Again, this design may be customized.