20'x20' Studio Garage Apartment
This is a jewel of a studio apartment.

Upstairs view of a 24 wide room created by the Cambridge MAX attic truss. The arrangement nearly doubles the amount of square footage -- an amazing value when considering the little additional cost involved. 

CUT-AWAY ELEVATION:  This dramatic elevation will give you an idea as to how the 20' Windfall is constructed; the 24' and wider models are constructed similarly. 

The truss attic is commercially engineered and produced. The trusses are installed via a small tree-topping-type crane. The truss system goes up in about 3 hours, which saves a bundle on labor without adding greatly to the cost of a two-story garage. In effect, the truss system doubles the size of the square footage. Note that the ceiling is 9' in height. The building is constructed according to both the Southern Building Code and any local codes which may prevail. Select either Hardiplank lap siding or vinyl siding -- your choice. Bradley will be happy to customize the building.

OPEN FLOOR ELEVATION WITHOUT PARTITIONS:  The actual room space is 16' x 19' with 6' walls. The walls go up to a 9' ceiling. See next plan for partition elevations. 
FLOOR ELEVATION:  The 8'x8' deck opens into a spacious kitchen/dining area; the tile or vinyl separates the area from the great room. The bath is equipped with a 36"x36" shower. If you require a bath tub/shower, the configuration is altered slightly. The great room is 10' x 16'. The openness of the arrangement makes the living area look larger. Note:  The queen bed could be changed out to a sleeper sofa if the occupant likes to entertain. This arrangement makes a great mother-in-law suite, a rental studio apartment, etc. Bradley will be happy to customize this model.

EXTERIOR ELEVATION:  The Cambridge MAX Windfall model is a decidedly good choice when one wants to maximize their spending dollars. Shown is a 24' wide model with a 10/12 pitch. A 20' wide model comes with one 16' wide double car garage door.


Concrete plan based on the Southern Building Code.
Your county or municipality may require something different.
Please check with your local building and zoning before