FRONT ELEVATION:  Delightful 24x30 Cambridge MAX Firefly Castle with a modern flair. Features 8' of headroom upstairs and 11' of headroom down which will accommodate a car lift. Showing 2 each 9x7 garage doors. The 6x18 porch (see next drawing) adds architectural interest as well as a sheltered entrance. The front is crisscrossed with 4x8 beams. This building can be customized; for instance, adding windows with crosses, garage doors with windows, and paint treatment.













LEFT SIDE ELEVATION:  Aglow with flowering plants, coach lights, post light, and lighted (solar) stepping stones. Just add a moon beam and a few fireflies -- Disneyland in your own back yard. Again, this plan can be customized.
REAR ELEVATION:  Add windows in order to flood the downstairs with sunlight. Notice the absence of beams which are featured on the front elevation. 
BASIC CUT-AWAY ELEVATION:  The 24x30 Cambridge MAX makes the best use of an attic truss, allowing a room that is 20' in width and 30' in length. Many other sizes from which to choose.

DOWNSTAIRS ELEVATION: The 30' length allows sufficient room to accommodate a 17' land yacht and a regular car. Notice how the stairs come out into the garage. This is due to the 11' high ceiling. The storage area beneath the stairwell is fairly large and could also be used for a hot water heater, half bath, or the AC blower unit. 
UPSTAIRS ELEVATION: The floor space is 20' wide. Two feet on either side are used to support the truss system. This is a good area to run A/C ducting, etc. The trusses are 16" on center which adds to the strength of both the floor and roof system.

ATTIC ROOM ELEVATION:  Actual photo of a 24x24 Cambridge MAX showing a 20'x24' truss attic room.

STAIRWELL ELEVATION: The 42" staircase/stairwell allows 6' wide doors beneath. Interior doors are not included.