Bradley B U I L D I N G S

The Belvedere

The Belvedere (occasionally Belvidere) is an architectural term adopted from Italian (literally "fair view"), which refers to any architectural structure sited to take advantage of such a view. A belvedere may be built in the upper part of a building so as to command a fine view. The actual structure can be of any form, whether a turret, a cupola or an open gallery.

BELVEDERE FRONT ELEVATION 24X40:  The dramatic fair view roof structure is designed to be an accent structure; it does not necessarily have to match the home. It is also a stand-alone structure which can be used as a garage apartment or home. The raised steel panel garage doors are insulated and have the look of a more expensive coach door. Of course, more expensive doors are available. The doors are 8'x7' high and have 2' of space between one another. The window on the right fills in that wall and floods a work/storage area with light. Note that the ceiling height is 9'; this is the expected height in a home-quality garage. The price is about $55,500.00 to include 3 steel carriage doors, 3 garage door openers, full loft with stairs, concrete slab on a fairly level site, architectural shingles and 2 6' wide dormers on the rear. Choice of Hardiplank or vinyl lap siding. This design is copyrighted 2009. All rights reserved.

BELVEDERE FRONT ELEVATION 24X30:  The smaller version affords the same dramatic look. The doors can be flipped, a walk door can be added between the two. Hence, the design is customizable. A shed dormer on the rear, if desired, is restricted to a 6' - 10' width. See next. Price is about $47,400.00 to include 2 steel carriage doors, 2 garage door openers, full loft with stairs, concrete slab on a fairly level site, and architectural shingles, and a 6'-10' wide dormer on the rear. Choice of Hardiplank or vinyl lap siding.
BELVEDERE REAR ELEVATION 24X40:  The hip roof allows 2 each 6' wide shed dormers on the rear. Or add one 12' - 16' shed dormer.
BELVEDERE RIGHT SIDE ELEVATION 24X40 :  This is a most handsome building regardless of the side viewed. Note that in the overhead elevation, the window is moved to the left. Please feel free to move doors and windows around. Note that the 2 dormers are not drawn in this plan. 
BELVEDERE STAIRS ELEVATION 24X40 :  The staircase separates the workshop and storage areas. There is also storage beneath the stairwell.
BELVEDERE STAIRS ELEVATION 24X40 :  Side view of staircase.
UPSTAIRS ATTIC ELEVATION:  The green filled-in-line represents a wall of 3' in height. If the loft is not going to be use purely for storage, the walls are not required. If you wanted a taller wall, the red dash line represents a room with a 5' wall. The room would be approx. 14'x30'. Since this is a hip roof, either 2 dormers or a couple of vented skylights would work well here.



Concrete plan based on the Southern Building Code.
Your county or municipality may require something different.
Please check with your local building and zoning before