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24'x24' UPSTAIRS:  In this plan, the living, dining, and kitchen areas are situated in a spacious 12'x23' room, allowing an expansive open living area. The 8'x8' deck adds to the living space, and the quality of living -- nothing like the aroma of barbecued spareribs to say, Welcome to my home. Note that a washer and dryer has been added to the bathroom. Moreover, an AC air-handling room is included at the end of the kitchen. If you desire a tub/shower instead of a shower, there is room if the washer and dryer is a stack combo. Note that the garage entrance can be from the front. In this event, the stairs would be straight. The overhang over the driveway is a 3' portico, which adds a distinctive look to the garage apartment.
FRONT Elevation 24x24 Highlander:  Features 2 each 8x7 carriage doors and a 36" walk door. The walk door could be a wood stained door with a window. Of course, the colors may be changed. The downstairs features 9' of headroom; the upstairs features 8' walls with a 10' ceiling down the middle. The tabbed siding could be either Hardiplank or vinyl. Moreover, the trim may be customized to match existing trim.