The Cambridge Clarion garage apartment epitomizes good taste and a robust design.

FRONT ELEVATION: The 3-D rendering may be customized for your particular preferences. The footprint of the main garage is 30'x42' with a 10'x40' covered porch. The upstairs is 13'x42'. The length of the garage is advantageous for parking a boat with trailer. Various sized garages are available.

These plans are copyrighted 2010. You may not use these plans without express permission of Bradley Buildings.

PORCH ELEVATION: The 10'x42' covered porch shows 10' posts. In order to add windows to the upstairs over the porch, the posts may be dropped down to 8'. See the upstairs elevation following. If the entrance door is moved to the far end, the porch may be turned into a covered carport.
REAR ELEVATION: Again, the porch may be dropped down 2' which allows short 1'x3' sliding windows overlooking the porch roof.
OVERHEAD ELEVATION: The Clarion garage apartment reveals a robust design from any vantage point. Note that The Clarion may be customized to match most any home.
UPSTAIRS ELEVATION: The stairwell is open, thus, adding an additional 42" of visual space to the living, eat-in kitchen, and hallway. It is very spacious looking. The room is 42' in length and about 13' in width. 

DOWNSTAIRS ELEVATION:  If the entrance door is reversed so that it is on the right end, the garage door area for the smaller garage would be greatly enhanced. 


NOT INCLUDED:  This is a shell only. The pricing does not include painting, caulking, insulation, drywall, electrical, plumbing, cabinetry, fixtures of any kind, flooring, etc. Again, this is a shell only.


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