The Cambridge MAX art shop, studio apartment, and work shop may be customized to meet your perfection.

3D rendering of a 16' wide x 18' long art studio with a 4' x 16' porch. Building features a full 9' of headroom downstairs and 8' of headroom upstairs. Note that the MAX truss attic has 5' sidewalls on which the steep trusses sit; hence, the headroom begins with 5' and goes up to 8' down the middle..
The porch has 3 each 9' posts with a pressure treated floor, steps, railings and safety balusters. The steps are 42" in width. Although this building is shown resting on piers -- it was designed for a coastal area -- it may sit directly on a concrete slab. In this instance, steps would not be required; neither would the lattice work be required. Note that the porch ceiling consists of planking which may be stained to match the porch deck. 
The porch features a hip roof which gives an added dimension to the handsome building. Again, the lattice work is not required when the building is secured to a concrete slab.
Rear elevation showing the 9"x32" block glass windows. Of course, these may be eliminated altogether and a couple or more standard windows may take their place. The extended overhang is 14". The soffit is enclosed with your choice of wood or vinyl. Although not shown, there is a full ridge vent so that the building is set up for air conditioning.
Birds-eye view showing the variation in the two roof structures. A hip roof on the top portion is not recommended, as it will cut into the usable space.

COST AS SHOWN is about $19,000.00 delivered and built on your concrete slab and/or piers. Includes 16x18 enclosed building with 9' of headroom downstairs, and MAX truss with 5' sidewalls and 8' ceiling. Also includes 36" staircase with landing, 4 home-quality windows, 6 each 9"x32" block glass windows, porch and decking as shown, and your choice of either vinyl or Hardiplank siding. Pricing includes current sale discounts and tax on materials. 

NOT INCLUDED:  This is a shell only. The pricing does not include site work, concrete slab, concrete piers, painting, caulking, insulation, drywall, electrical, plumbing, cabinetry, fixtures of any kind, flooring, etc. Again, this is a shell only.


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