BradleyL  A  W  N    A  N  D    G  A  R  D  E  N    B  U  I  L  D  I  N  G  S

Cambridge two bedroom with 1184 square feet air conditioned area.
When one takes into account that the living room flows
into the kitchen area, the great room is 23x26.

Cambridge two bedroom floor elevation.
This is an ideal plan for either a rental or a first home. Notice that
the bath may be accessed by both bedrooms and the hall.
The master bedroom is oversized, which makes a great
haven from the kids.

Cambridge 24' Wide with a 8' Alcove for Master Bedroom with
the addition of a 12x24 carport with storage on the end.

The carport with storage is an excellent addition. Everyone requires
a storage area. Note the shelves between the 5x8 storage room and
the door to the laundry room. This is ideal for small boxes, etc.