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The Affordable
Pricing for Models with a Heavy Duty Pressure Treated Floor.

Pricing includes: Distinctive bell tower with two oversized, decorative wall louver vents; choice of Georgia Pacific or Smartside T1-11 siding (add Hardi 4'x8' sheets stucco board siding as shown for $2.51 SF), choice of 9x7 garage door with a row of glass or 6' French Doors with 15 light pattern, one 32"x 52" vinyl tilt-down window, heavy duty pressure treated floor; and FREE concrete blocks for leveling up to 12". Deduct $1.32 SF if installed on your concrete slab.

Add either vinyl siding or Hardiplank 6" lap siding for $9.89 per SF on 12' wide models and $8.95 per SF on 16' and 20' wide models. Includes double wall construction: 7/16"-4x8 OSB, house wrap, and choice of vinyl or Hardiplank siding. 

Options pictured but not included in the base price: concrete slab, stucco siding, coach lights, weathervane, and paint.

Call for an estimate on a concrete slab.

Key: Width x Length x Height
All sizes are approximate.

12' Wide Models with
Pressure Treated Floor

12'x12'x14' $ 5,415.00
12'x16'x14' 6,657.00
12'x20'x14' 8,198.00
12'x24'x14' 9,867.00

14' Wide Models with
Pressure Treated Floor

14'x16'x15' 8,470.00
14'x20'x15' 10,225.00
14'x24'x15' 11,300.00

16' Wide Models with
Pressure Treated Floor

16'x16'x16' $ 9,436.00
16'x20'x16' 11,065.00
16'x24'x16' 12,734.00

 20' Wide Models with
 16'x7' garage door. Requires optional concrete slab (not included).

20'x20'x18' $13,222.00
20'x24'x18' 14,981.00

Lawn and Garden Buildings

The benchmark of 
quality & affordability.


Bell Tower16"x16'x16' Model
The Bell Tower was designed for either lawn and garden storage, detached garage, home office, resort cabin, artist studio, or a unique place of business. Available in 12', 14', 16', and 20' widths. Lengths range from 12' to 24'. 

See the Affordable Pricing in the Left Column.

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  1. Receive a full 5% discount on any model package - no maximum.
  2. Receive an additional 10% on any 3 options added to the package pricing.
  3. Save 50% on the tax. Whereas our competitors charge sales tax on the finished product, Bradley only charges 50%, which goes towards the material package. Any additional taxes are absorbed by Bradley. You will save $387.28 on a 16x20 model.
  4. Wow! Look for the BIG BONUS SALE -- an additional 5% off (up to $500.00) -- below on this page. 

IN SUMMARY: You will receive a savings of $940.00 on the 16x20 model listed to your left. That's a 9% windfall savings plus the BIG BONUS SALE.

All pricing is online. The Simply WOW SALE is for a limited time and may expire without notice. Hurry!

Sorry, but prior sales do not qualify.


The Bell Tower is right at home in any community. This 14x20 model features as standard: choice of a 9x7 garage door with a row of glass or 6' French doors with 15-light glass pattern; tall 16' bell tower; two large, decorator vents in the bell tower; true 12" vented soffit on one side and one end, choice of Georgia Pacific or Smartside T1-11 siding (the Hardi 4x8 stucco board siding shown is an inexpensive option). Inside, there is an optional ladder on a pulley which stores out of view in the tower; the ladder accesses optional attic storage.

Left: Close-up of bell tower showing design detail. The architectural shingles 
are an upgrade. Right: Interior view of bell tower, looking up 

The Bell Tower is an exclusive, copyrighted Bradley design — no one else has it. It is an architect's remedy for the familiar garden building or detached garage. The feast for the eyes challenges the viewer to take a closer look: the building features a true 12" overhang with enclosed soffit on one side and one end. Cool air flows in through the continuous soffit vent, cools the building, and hot air exits the oversized, decorator wall louver vents in the tower. If desired, the building is designed to be fully insulated and drywalled. Add a weathervane for an even more distinctive statement.


Side view of Bell Tower showing fixed windows and pergola. Model is located in
Tennessee overlooking a deep valley. 

The basic building is wrapped in your choice of either Georgia Pacific's T1-11 exterior plywood of Smartside paneling; the latter is primed and ready to paint. As an option, upgrade to either Hardi brand stucco board (a concrete composite board with a limited 50-year warranty) or Hardi T1-11 siding for only $2.51 per SF of floor space. Upgrade to
either vinyl siding or Hardiplank 6" lap siding for $9.89 per SF on 12' wide models and $8.05 per SF on 16' and 20' wide models. Includes double wall construction: 7/16"-4x8 OSB, house wrap, and choice of vinyl or Hardiplank siding. The pergola or arbor is additional.

The basic garden building is supported by a heavy duty pressure treated floor; a concrete slab is optional. The interior design is accented by a 14' to 18' rising bell tower with an optional loft storage. Includes your choice of either French doors with a 15 light pattern or a 9x7 garage door with a row of glass. Scroll down for a detailed list of the prestige adornments which elevate the Bell Tower far above the norm.

Purchase any Bradley model and receive an additional 5% discount (up to $500.00). The bonus saving is in addition to the discounts listed at the top of this page.

This special deal not only helps you purchase the building of your dreams but also serves to keep our crews busy during the winter. It's a win, win situation.

The Prestige Adornments

  • Crafted on-site by a professional Bradley crew. The lumber package will be delivered by HOME DEPOT to your building location -- quality assured materials.
  • Leveling: While one should pick a level site for the building, leveling up to 12" is included. There is an additional charge for leveling exceeding 12". Leveling includes the placement of 4" cap blocks at designated intervals on the high part of the building site; this gives the building a low profile which allows a ramp of a shorter length. On the high part of the ground, 8" concrete blocks may be used. The building is then expertly leveled by the placement of pressure treated shims. Bradley is currently offering FREE concrete blocks and leveling up to 12" with every model.
  • Concrete Slab: A concrete slab is optional. Please call us for a quote. A pressure treated floor is included (see next item). Deduct $1.32 SF if installed on your concrete slab.
  • Heavy Duty Pressure Treated Floor System: Bradley equips the Bell Tower with a heavy duty pressure treated floor. Other floor systems will simply rot and decay over time; contrariwise, pressure treated lumber has a life expectancy of 40 years. Some sites exact a hefty price for a heavy duty pressure treated floor. The building sits squarely on a support system consisting of pressure treated 4"x4" beams on the 10 and 12' wide models and 6"x6" beams on the 16' wide models. The beams are supported by concrete blocks. The beams are crossed by pressure treated 2"x6" joists spaced 12" on center, topped off by heavy duty 3/4" 4'x8' pressure treated plywood.
  • Studs: Number 2 white wood spaced on 16" centers. Some builders space studs 24" on center which can cause the siding to warp.
  • Bottom Plate: Number 2 single pressure treated wood. 
  • Top Plates: Number 2 white wood. Double 2x4 top plates.
  • Exterior Siding: Choice of Georgia Pacific or Smartside T1-11 4'x8' sheet siding with a groove each 8". Upgrade to either Hardi brand stucco board or Hardi Sierra 8 T1-11 (4x8 sheets) for $2.18 per square foot. Hardi panels have a 50-year limited warranty. The latter siding is primed and ready to paint. Note: As an option, upgrade to either Hardiplank lap siding or vinyl with a "double wall construction." In this event, the building is first wrapped with 4'x8' sheets of 7/16" OSB; the latter is protected by a vapor barrier or house wrap to prevent moisture from penetrating to the interior. The double wall construction is called for by the Hardi Company in order to meet their warranty requirement. 
  • Siding and Trim Nails: Bradley insists on either galvanized or electroplated rust-resistant nails. Wax coated nails will soon rust and leave ugly marks and streaks.
  • Roof decking:  4'x8' sheets of  7/16" OSB (Orient Strand Board); the decking is the industrial standard and is found on practically every new home. 
  • Rafters: 2"x6" spaced 24" on center.
  • Bell Tower: Approx. 4' square tower accented by two functional, oversized wall louver vents. Choice of 22" octagon, 22" round, or 22" half round as shown on the photo.
  • Overhang: The building is equipped with a true 12" overhang on one side and one end. The bell tower has a 6" overhang with closed soft (no venting).
  • Weathervane (not included in base price): Top off the bell tower with an attractive weathervane.  Click Here  for styles and pricing. 
  • Fascia Board: 1"x6" white wood all the front and sides, 8" on rear.
  • Shingles: Owen-Corning Classic shingles, the Pink Panther brand, is the professional choice. There are nine colors from which to select, ranging from tan to dark brown to gray to black. Unlike many of our competitors who offer a low-end 20-year shingle, Bradley includes shingles warranted for 25 years. For a distinctive look, add architectural shingles for a nominal fee. Upgrade to GAF Timberline 25-30 year architectural shingles for $1.94 per square foot of floor space. Example: The upgrade for a 12x16 model with 192 SF x .94 = $180.48.
  • Felt Paper: Felt paper is included at no additional cost; others charge an extra .45 cents per square foot. On a 16'x16' model, the added felt is a costly $115.20.
  • Trim Boards for Corners and Around Windows: 1"x4" white wood. Hardi corners are used when applying lap siding.
  • Loft and Built-in Ladder (not included in base price): Add one or two standard 10'x4' loft sections @ $110.00 each.
  • Models with a Second Story (not included in base price): 8' of headroom upstairs; heavy duty loft floor consisting of 2"x10" floor joists spaced on 12" centers; 3/4" (actual 23/32") tongue and groove flooring; 40" utility staircase with middle landing, safety balusters and handrail; and two 36"x52" double insulated vinyl windows.
  • Door: Choice of 9x7 overhead garage door with a row of glass or 6' French Doors with 15 light pattern. Add a 36" walk through door with either a 9-light or 15-light pattern for $360.00. Add a 36" six-panel steel walk through door with no glass for $238.00.
  • Windows: One 32"x 52" vinyl tilt-down window is included. Add one or more extra vinyl windows at a great price.  Click Here  to select.
  • Ventilation System: Oversized wall louver vents in the bell tower and a continuous soffit vent on one side and one end. Provides ultimate ventilation.  
  • Building Permit: Due to the logistics involved, the customer is responsible for securing a building permit (if required) and insuring that the building site conforms to setback requirements and any other covenant restrictions that may apply to your neighborhood. To secure a building permit, call the building and zoning department in your county; the best way to reach them is dial your county's information number. The building and zoning department will provide an address and office hours. Most counties require a copy of your plat map (survey) with a penciled drawing of the placement of the building. You may also wish to print out this page in order to show them exactly what you are planning to build. The fees average $45.00 to $260.00, but may be higher.
  • Warranty: One-Year Limited Warranty on workmanship and construction. A Bradley lawn and garden building is crafted from the finest of materials and should provide a lifetime of trouble free service. Proper maintenance (as caulking and painting) is required. Note: Building must be stained or painted within 60 days of completion or the warranty is made void.


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