Before Bradley
The client wanted to add a 24x40 addition to the home via a 14' x 20' bridge.

After Bradley

The new addition has 3 dormers, 1 of which is not shown in order to provide a closer look at the detail of the project. The relatively large addition equals the original home in size. Notice the 8' high entry doors and the detail over the windows.
The fixed windows were created purposely to match the original ones on the home -- to your right. The beautiful deck tied the old and the new together quite handsomely.
Close-up of the deck. Notice the lattice work around the bottom. There is room for garbage cans concealed by the doors on the left.
The 14' wide bridge ties the addition into the main home - the painted brick once had a window instead of the French doors (see the before photo). Who wouldn't love a sunroom like this one?

The kitchen features tile against tile. Not show are: weight room, changing room, office, and stairwell.
Handy snack center and laundry room are located upstairs.
The downstairs bath services the gym area; there is a dressing room in front of the shower, which is not shown.
The sitting/TV room is adjacent to the master suite on the second floor. Note that Bradley's dormers are 6' in width, which allows sufficient room for either a desk or bathtub.
The master suite is spacious and appealing.
The master closet is well furnished with room for both hanger and drawer items.

The master bath is charming and functional.

Have you fallen in love with this addition? Bradley can custom build an addition or a stand-alone unit which will be perfect for you. Quality and affordibility.

Love that Bradley!