Or an RV garage with two lean-tos.


The 3-D rendering is a 16' wide x 28' long garage apartment. The two lean-tos are 10' across with 9' of drive-under headroom. The garage door is 9' wide x 8' in height. The headroom both down- and upstairs is 9'. The siding may either be Hardiplank or vinyl. Other sidings, as Georgia Pacific's T1-11, are available. The metal roofing depicted is gavalume -- you have a choice of colors. Scroll down to take advantage of the color visualizer (for metal roofs only).
A distinctive trait of the Bainbridge is that it is set up for air-conditioning. This is accomplished by 9" vented soffits and a full-length ridge vent across the top of the roof created by the way the steel comes together at the apex. Notice the double fascia board: a 1"x8" under fascia and a 1"x4" top fascia made from Hardy trim, a concrete composite which is pretty much impervious to water. 
The lean-tos feature 6"x6" treated support posts which may be stained as suited. Note that the concrete pad beneath the lean-tos is slightly lower than the main slab; this prevents water from running beneath the siding. While not shown, a 42" staircase in the rear of the building accesses the upstairs apartment. The apartment is designed on a personal basis. Hence, please ask a Bradley pro to design one for you. Notice the roof break between the top and middle section of the roof. It is a handsome signature, setting the Bainbridge above its competitors. 
Bird's-eye view shown the handsome roof lines. The way the steel comes together at the apex creates a ridge vent across the top of the building.
Bainbridge model with architectural built-up shingles. Other features mimic the renderings above. 
Some clients do not want shutters; hence, this rendering left the shutters off.
Exterior stairs are optional. This would save the room a staircase with landing takes up on the interior. If fact, the length of the building could be reduced some 4'-6' by this measure. Picture a second floor deck for barbecuing and leisure sun-bathing.
Overhead view showing the roof structure. 

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