Bainbridge 28x32 Cabin with Mock Log Siding

FRONT ELEVATION:  Bainbridge 32' wide x 28' deep model with 10' of headroom downstairs and mostly 9' of headroom upstairs. Featured with your choice of siding:  wood mock siding (1/2" round log siding), Hardiplank or vinyl lap siding. Scroll down for pricing on this model.
CUT-AWAY ELEVATION:  Although this particular plan was designed for a specific client, it can be customized; for instance, adding a different style door, making the deck larger or smaller, etc. Pricing is immediately below.



This quote does not include: concrete slab, patio, and stoop. Moreover, it does not include plumbing, electrical, electrical fixtures, coach lights, insulation, drywall, cabinetry, bathroom fixtures, interior doors, interior trim, water heater, AC unit, flooring tile, carpeting, caulking, painting, staining, etc. This is a shell only.

$35,511.00    Package price for 28x32 Bainbridge model. Includes credit for installing on your concrete slab.
    Included      Secured to customer's concrete slab via Red Head expansion bolts.
    2,788.00      Raise standard 8' headroom downstairs to 10'. Unprage 2x4 studs to 2x6 #2 white wood studs spaced 16" on center. Some builders space studs 24" on center which can cause the siding to warp. Includes T-bracing. Also includes additional OSB, house wrap and mock wood siding.
    Included      Gambrel 4-part roof system. Specs: 2x6 rafters spaced 16" on center. Includes collar tie on each rafter.
    Included      Hurricane clips
    1,231.00      Raise standard 8' headroom upstairs to 9'. 5' wall includes 2x4 studs spaced 16" on center. Also includes additional OSB, house wrap , shingles, tarpaper, and mock wood siding.
       544.00      Add 5' partition walls on both 32' sides upstairs.
        FREE      As an incentive to purchase, Bradley is offering a free upgrade: Hardiplank lap siding to mock log siding. Double wall construction: studs wrapped with 7/16" OSB (Oriental Strand Board). OSB wrapped in TYBEC type vapor barrier or house wrap, and mock log siding. Note the siding is based on a 7" reveal and priced at $0.82 LF with 10% waste.
    Included      2x6 trim around windows, doors, garage doors, and corners.
    Included      Siding and Trim Nails: Bradley insists on either galvanized or electroplated rust-resistant nails. Wax coated nails will soon rust and leave ugly marks and streaks.
    Included      Roof decking:  4'x8' sheets of  7/16" OSB (Orient Strand Board); the decking is the industrial standard and is found on practically every new home.
    Included      Unique roof break to separate top and bottom halves of Gambrel roof.
       488.00      Upgrade 25-year, 3-tab shingles to architectural shingles to match the home. Includes 15# tarpaper.
       219.00      22.5" Attic Pull-Down Stairway (shorter 1"x4" Treads)
    Included      True 12" overhang on sides. Includes vinyl soffit. Note:  The gabel ends are equipped with a double fascia board: 2x6 and a 2x2.
    Included      Fascia Board Covered with Aluminum Trimcoil for No Maintenance: 1"x6" white wood all sides.
    Included      Bradley Silent Foor System on second level:  commercially engineered and produced floor trusses 16" on center, 3/4" OSB tongue and groove flooring glued and nailed.
    1,897.00      Pressure treated 36" utility staircase with middle landing. Specs: 2 ea. 2x12 stringers, and premium treads ready to be. Includes safety balusters and rails. 
        FREE      Upgrade 36" utility staircase to 42" wide staircase with middle landing. Specs: 3 ea. 2x12 stringers, and premium treads ready to be. Includes safety balusters and rails. 
    1,559.00    10x10 pressure treated deck. Specs:  2x10 floor joists 16" OC, 5/4" premium deck boards, 6x6 support posts in concrete, 4x4 deck posts, 2x2 balusters, 2x4 rails, and post caps.
    Included      Headers: double headers over doors and windows.
       570.00      2 each 4'x4' white vinyl, double insulated windows per the plan. Slider type. Note that this window may be painted to match the trim..
    Included      Ventilation System: full ridge (Cobra) vent and fully venteds soffits, readying the building for AC.
       578.00    1 each 6' French doors with single glass, steel insulated door. Opens in and to the right. Both doors active.
       238.00      1 each 6-panel steel insulated door. Opens in and to the left.
       172.00      2 each better double locksets for above doors.
       884.00      1 each 10x9 high raised panel, steel insulated garage door with a row of insulated glass.
    2,682.84      Insulate ceiling and walls with Solarguard R-10 insulation. Highly recommended. The thermal blanket is only 1/4" thick and has an aluminum facing on the back and a white fiber glass facing on the front; the latter cuts down on the reflective aspect and is more conducive to a workplace environment. 3,396  SF @ $0.79 SF
 <-2,468.09>    Advantage Sale: You saved 5% on the above package.
    Included      Dumpster for debris removal.
 $46,893.75      Subtotal
     1,875.75      TAX on materials only
 $48,769.50     TOTAL

The pricing highlighted in red amounts to $6,701.00; thus, if you did not want these items the approximate package price would be

$41,989.00       TOTAL