Bainbridge 24x30 Garage with Upstairs Apartment

FRONT ELEVATION:  A great solution for your garage apartment. Bainbridge 30' wide x 24' deep model with 9' of headroom downstairs and mostly 8' of headroom upstairs. Featured with inexpensive T1-11 siding. Siding may be upgraded to either Hardiplank lap siding or vinyl.
CUT-AWAY ELEVATION:  The garage doors may be placed on the gable end of the building. Notice the mostly 8' of headroom upstairs. Due to the steep angle of the the bottom rafter, 9' of headroom is recommended downstairs. Otherwise, the roof will take up too much room and the wall will look short on the sides.
APARTMENT A  ELEVATION:  A comfortable mother-in-law quarters or guest cabin. All the amenities of home in a 24x30 space. 
GARAGE A ELEVATION:  The garage is more than spacious with a pantry and laundry room. Note that when a building has a garage downstairs, there must be a door to the upstairs. This prevents fumes from entering the living quarters.
APARTMENT B ELEVATION:  This is a variation of the above plan. The open stairwell with its 3' high wall makes the room look even larger. The two windows flood the room with sunlight.
APARTMENT C ELEVATION:  Yet another creation utilizing the 24x30 space. The open stairwell makes the room look much larger. There is a short wall separating the living and dining areas.
GARAGE C ELEVATION:  There is sufficient space to enclose the laundry area by expanding the storage beneath the stairwell.