Bainbridge 16x32 Custom Two-Story Home

FRONT ELEVATION:   This elevation is shown without detail on the siding, as there are several types available:  Hardiplank, vinyl, T1-11, Hardy stucco panels, etc. Note that the front porch stoop is extra wide so that potted plants, a chair, etc., can be placed there.
DOWNSTAIRS ELEVATION:  The layout provides good traffic flow with a separate kitchen and dining area. Diners may enjoy the view of the backyard, or if you want to put a patio set outside, dine in the open. The closet across from the AC blower may either be a guest closet or pantry. The stairwell is fully enclosed.
REAR ELEVATION: The 8x16 deck allows room to spread out, especially, when company drops by. While French doors are shown here, sliding patio doors could be substituted. Notice the white band between the two roof sections. This trim separates the two sections, giving the Bainbridge a distinguished look. Others simply bend the shingles over and tack them down -- a bit too tacky for our standards.
UPSTAIRS A ELEVATION:  The large bath includes room for a stack washer and dryer. There are two closets, a large one in the bath and a low closet in the bedroom. This means that the rack is lower than normal height due to the way the roof encroaches into the closet.

Cost is around $18,700.00 as shown. Pricing is for a shell only. Includes:  Georgia Pacific T1-11 siding, home-quality windows, French doors, partitions, etc. It does not include: lot, site work, concrete, caulking and painting, electrical, plumbing, cabinetry, lighting, furniture, drywall, insulation, carpeting, and tile. Again, this is a shell only. You may expect to spend around $25,000.00 additional to finish the home out nicely.