Bradley B U I L D I N G S

20x20 Studio Apartment

Alpine 24x32 Cottage with 18x7 garage door, 8' wide dormer (houses bath), and a charming covered entrance. The home backs up to a fresh water stream.
ALPINE OPEN FLOOR ELEVATION:  This plan would provide a 12' wide x 19' long room; the wall height is 5'. This unit is absent the dormers. These can be added. See next elevation to see how this could be made into an apartment.  
FLOOR PARTITION ELEVATION:  Take a minute and look at the various elements in the plan. This is a very livable studio apartment, taking advantage of every square foot of potential space. The dormers house both the full bath and kitchen. Note the storage doors beside the dresser.


Concrete plan based on the Southern Building Code.
Your county or municipality may require something different.
Please check with your local building and zoning before