Bradley B U I L D I N G S

Alpine Three-Car Garage with Brick Front

FRONT ELEVATION: Alpine 24x40 three-car garage featuring a brick front, 10' of ceiling height downstairs, three 10x8 carriage garage doors, and three 60" wide dormers. Scroll down to view more photos of this deluxe building.

SIDE ELEVATION: The ends and backside are covered with Hardiplank lap siding. The 12/12 pitch of the Alpine is augmented by a 12' saltbox or raised area which allows access to the full loft by the stairs and deck.

SALTBOX ELEVATION: A 12' rear section of the 12/12 pitched roof is raised to a full 8' height. Called a "saltbox," the raised area allows a standard 8' ceiling height entrance with door and window.

DORMER ELEVATION: Close-up detail of 60" wide dormer.
CORNICE ELEVATION: Close-up of cornice detail and brickwork.


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