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Alpine Century Four Bedroom Home
Or Three Bedroom and Study

Pricing: About $58,000.00 built on your lot. 
Includes concrete slab but not the brick and fireplace.
Excludes plumbing, electrical, drywall, cabinetry, painting,
caulking, etc. This is a shell only.

The above rendering is a rough sketch; however, it defines the looks of the home. The 8x42 porch can be screened if desired. To the rear of the chimney is an alcove for the dining area (see First Floor Elevation). The chimney can be framed out and enclosed with the siding of the home.
First Floor Elevation
Designed with family-style living in mind.

The dining area features a 2' outset or alcove with picture windows. Off the dining area is a 36" door leading out to a 4x4 covered porch. Both the laundry room and the downstairs bath have a 7' ceiling to facilitate air conditioning ducts. There is a linen closet with storage beneath the staircase. A separate garage can be added by extending the alcove 2' and turning it into a breezeway between the home and garage.

The first floor is 24'x44' with a 2'x10' alcove and an 8'x42' porch. Total under roof is 2,468 square feet. Note: Some footage is lost upstairs -- this is the overall footage. Total air conditioned area is approximately 1,844.

Second Floor Elevation
The master bath is situated in a dormer and has 8' walls. All other walls upstairs, excepting the two front dormers, are 6' in height. The dormer ceiling height is 8'.