Alpine 24' x 40' Saltbox with 960 Sq Ft Livable Space
One Bedroom Garage Apartment.

Alpine Saltbox with 10' of Garage Headroom Downstairs.
Upstairs, One Side of the Loft is Elevated 8' in Order to Create More Headroom.

Pictured: 24' Wide x 23' High x 40' (goes up to 100' in Length) showing 10'x9' and 8'x7' garage doors, 10'x24' upper deck and stairs, and sufficient garage headroom for either a boat, large van or truck, or for a commercial use.
 Add $3.04 per square foot to extend the downstairs headroom to 10'. Saltbox: Add $109.00 per linear foot to extend one loft wall to 8'.

Note: The photos were taken when the building was about 5 hours from completion.
The open rectangular areas to the side of each building are flood vents. These
were later covered with aluminum bonnets to keep water out of the garage.

 The entrance to the apartment home is via wraparound stairs ascending to an 8'x8' deck -- ideal for sunning or barbecuing. One enters the home onto an extension of the vinyl from the oversized kitchen. Notice the second access door to the master bath in the kitchen. This is ideal when someone stays up late and does not want to awaken a sleeping spouse by going through the bedroom to get to the bath. The plan also features: a full laundry and utility room, walk-in closet with linen, central AC and two dormers.

The downstairs in this particular building was equipped with a 10' ceiling in order to accommodate a large boat. This building utilizes heavy duty post and beam construction. The 6x6 posts are spaced 8' on center; the 2x6 joists, 16" OC, are spaced in between. The top plates are 2x10 beams. The flooring is comprised of 16" commercial I-beams. The photo directly above shows a partially framed out apartment. Although the perspective in this photo makes the apartment seem somewhat small, the walls to the right are 6' in height. The tall ceilings make the rooms look smaller.