Alpine 24' x 40' Saltbox with 1010 Sq Ft Livable Space
(Includes 962' Top Level and 48' Foyer)
One Bedroom Garage Apartment

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This is perfect solution for either a garage apartment, mother-in-law quarters or domestic help. The entrance to the apartment is through a 6'x8' enclosed foyer in the front of the building. Note: The laundry room may be turned into a walk-in closet if the washer and dryer, AC unit, and water heater are placed beneath the stairs in the garage.

In the top plan, the stairs are situated toward the middle of the building. In the plan immediately following, the stairs are located on the end. for a plan with stairs located on the exterior. The middle arrangement in the above plan allows a better configuration of the living and dining rooms and permits a slightly larger kitchen. The kitchen may be enlarged somewhat if desired.