Bradley B U I L D I N G S

FRONT ELEVATION:  This dramatic elevation will give you an idea as to how the new vacation home will look. The headoorm downstairs is 9', upstairs, 8' in height.  There are two 21' saltbox sections, one on the front and the other on the rear.  This allows abundant space upstairs.  I was not only thinking vacation home, but also resale possibilities.  This unit will make either a great mother-in-law quarters or a rental later on down the road, if desired.
RIGHT END ELEVATION:  The smaller single window is situated over a washer in the laundry room beneath the stairwell.
LEFT END ELEVATION:  The garage doors are 9' in width and are 8' in height and include a row of windows.
INTERIOR DOWNSTAIRS ELEVATION:  The garage allows ample room for a large boat.  Notice that the hot water heater and laundry room are beneath the stairwell.  There is a 36" door leading into the hallway going upstairs.  The 24' width is free span; there are no center posts.
UPSTAIRS FLOOR ELEVATION WITHOUT FURNITURE:  The first elevation is without furniture.  Note that the stairwell is open which gives the living dining room a tremendous amount of visual space.  The 6 windows in this area flood the stairwell and room with light. The kitchen has sufficient space for a dishwasher.  There is a small pantry at the top of the stairs.  There is room between the pantry and refrigerator for a refuse container.  The closet is 6' in width and could be double tiered with doubles the wall space.  Behind the closet there is 4' of storage room.  If you do not plan on installing central heat and air, that area could be a linen closet.  Note that there is a privacy door from the master bedroom going into the bath.  Moreover, the shower and water closet is private so that someone could be using the sink while another showers.  See next plan for furniture possibilities.

UPSTAIRS FLOOR ELEVATION WITHOUT FURNITURE:  When designing this, three aspects were taken into consideration: (1) build a shell home that was under $43,000.00 not including concrete; (2) resale value in that a lot of people are looking for a mother-in-law suite; and (3) an arrangement that the customer would be happy with.  There is ample room for 9 people to sit, room for a large TV, storage, etc.  This plan fills the bill in all three aspects. 


Concrete plan based on the Southern Building Code.
Your county or municipality may require something different.
Please check with your local building and zoning before