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The Affordable
Pricing Includes Delivery of Materials and Installation.

Package pricing includes:  4" monolithic slab with up to 6" of leveling, double wall construction (OSB, TYBEC vapor wrap, and choice of either Vinyl or  Hardiplank lap siding), 2 each 5' wide dormers (sufficient room for a bath), 36" interior stairs with landing, eight large home quality vinyl tilt-down windows, 36" walk through door, either a 16'x7' garage door with a row of glass on the 20' wide model or two 9'x7' doors with glass on the 24' wide model, full loft featuring the Bradley silent floor system (commercial I-beams and tongue & groove flooring, glued and nailed), enclosed vinyl soffit with venting when selecting vinyl siding, full Cobra ridge vent, 25-Year built-up, architectural shingles with tarpaper, much more. Note: Swap the interior stairs for 36" exterior pressure treated stairs with a top landing for only $635.00; the upgrade price includes a 36" steel insulated door with 9 panes of glass. Add $3.04 per square foot to extend the downstairs headroom to 9' (Specs: 2x4 studs, 16" on center). Saltbox: Add $129.00 per linear foot to extend one loft wall to 8'..

Options illustrated in the top picture but not included in the base price: shutters, paint.

All sizes are approximate.
Key: Width x Length x Height

20' Wide Models with Concrete Slab

20'x20'x20' 23,205.00
20'x24'x20' 25,229.00
20'x28'x20' 27,138.00
20'x32'x20' 29,047.00
20'x36'x20' 30,956.00
20'x40'x20' 32,865.00
20'x44'x20' 34,774.00
20'x48'x20' 36,913.00

24' Wide Models with Concrete Slab

24'x24'x21' 28,900.00
24'x28'x21' 32,341.00
24'x32'x21' 34,747.00
24'x36'x21' 36,797.00
24'x40'x21' 39,213.00
24'x44'x21' 42,653.00
24'x48'x21' 43,977.00
24'x52'x21' 47,466.00
24'x56'x21' 49,872.00
24'x60'x21' 52,392.00
Other sizes available in all models; please ask.

 Click Here  for pricing on work- benches, shelving, French doors, vinyl siding, much more.


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The Alpine detached garage, equipped with a full loft and stairs, offers numerous possibilities: garage, workshop, home office, mother-in-law quarters, vacation or retirement villa, garage apartment, garage with a rental apartment, or temporary living quarters while building your home, which could be later rented for income. Includes 4" monolithic concrete slab on level ground. Available in 20' and 24' widths. Lengths range from 20' to 100' (also L-shaped configurations up to 100' in length). 


  See the Affordable Pricing in the Left Column.

    Save 5% on the package price of any building, 10% on 
3 options, and a $500.00 bonus discount

See details at the bottom of this page.


The Alpine Crestwood is equipped with the prerequisites of a really great building: 4" monolithic concrete slab, two 60" dormers, eight home-quality tilt-down windows, garage doors, double wall construction with your choice or either Hardiplank 40-Year lap siding or vinyl siding, full loft, silent floor system, stairs with landing, enclosed soffits, ventilation system, architectural shingles, and much more. 

Dedicated to value and quality in materials and workmanship, the Alpine stands out as the best among the best. Then browse through the Prestige Appointments, which make this model so outstanding.

to see larger 3D renderings and pertinent information.

Alpine 20x32 model with mother-in-law or guest quarters. The kitchen and living room are downstairs; the bedroom and bath are located upstairs. Dormers may be added to this model.

Alpine 24' wide with 12' walls downstairs which accommodates a car lift. 

Alpine 20'x24' model with 9' of headroom downstairs, an 18' wide garage door, and full loft.

Alpine 24'x24' garage with full loft storage. 

Alpine 14'x20' one car garage model with efficiency apartment. This building was designed for a very narrow space. All Bradley models may be customized.

Alpine Castle Rock 24'x50' plus a 24'x10' entertainment porch. While the 3D renderings do not show the staircase, safety balusters on the porch, and other parts, this is a full-featured home with double car parking and a large workshop downstairs.

The porch is unique with a section cutout for a patio set. The porch is actually a portico, as the vehicles drive under it to access the garage. There are two concrete reinforced posts (not shown) which protects the post supports from an accidental hit. 

The one-bedroom plan may be revised for 2 bedrooms; moreover, a 2nd or 3rd bedroom may go downstairs.

Bradley Buildings can match the details of your home when adding an addition. 

Helpful hint:  when building and zoning will not allow a detached garage, you can work around the problem by adding a breezeway. The garage is then considered part of the home. Problem solved.

Bradley can match the trim on your home. Email us a digital photo and free 3D renderings of the addition will be created FREE.

Alpine 24x40 three-car garage with optional brick front
Alpine 24x40 three-car garage with optional brick front, 10' ceiling height downstairs and upgraded 8' high carriage doors. Add about $3,795.00 for the brick. 

for additional photos. Scroll down for other home ideas.

Custom 20x36 Alpine garage/workshop/pool house
Custom 20x36 Alpine garage/workshop/pool house combination. 
for a larger photo of this great model. 

Custom 24x40 Alpine addition attached to client's home via a 14'x20' bridge/sunroom. 

for more before and after photos of this project. 

 20x36 Alpine garage with brick to match the home
Custom 20x36 Alpine garage with brick to match the home. 

for a larger photo. 

Purchase any Bradley model and receive an additional 5% discount (up to $500.00). The bonus saving is in addition to the discounts listed at the top of this page.

This special deal not only helps you purchase the building of your dreams but also serves to keep our crews busy during the winter. It's a win, win situation.

Alpine 24x32 Cottage with 18x7 garage door
Alpine 24x32 Cottage with 18x7 garage door, 8' wide dormer (houses bath), and a charming covered entrance. 

for other photos of this delightful model.

Alpine Helen 20x20 cabin
Alpine Helen 20x20 cabin with a German welcome plaque over the door.
The siding is a Hardy Sierra stucco 4x8 board, a concrete composite in the same family as Hardiplank. The delicious brown accent striping was painted on to match the exterior of the adjacent home.

for other photos of this Alpine Helen cabin. 

20x25 custom Alpine built to match client's home.
20x25 custom Alpine built to match client's home. 

for other photos of this custom Alpine.

24'x28' garage apartment
Cedar Creek 24'x28' two-story garage apartment. Features spacious great room, master bedroom with walk-in closet, 8'x8' open deck, much more.

for other 3d renderings of the Cedar Creek model.

3-D color renderings of a model with T1-11 siding (Smartside Paneling). 
for other renderings of this model.

Loft photo of 20' Wide Alpine model
Loft photo of 20' Wide Alpine model showing 2"x8" rafters spaced 16" on center, wide 60" gable, and heavy duty 3/4" (23/32") tongue and groove flooring, part of the Bradley Silent Floor System. Note: The double header above the window is the 8' high mark.

LEFT: Standard interior 36" stairs with middle landing, handrail, and safety balusters. As an option, swap the interior stairs for 36" exterior pressure treated stairs for only $1,020.00. The upgrade includes a 36" six-panel steel door with 9 panes of glass (cost $427.00, hence, the upgraded stairs cost only $593.00).

RIGHT: Commercial 12" I-beams (the Bradley silent floor system) are spaced on 16" centers: 12" I-beams support the loft floor in 20' wide models; 14" I-beams support the loft in 24' wide models.

20' wide Alpine walls dry walled and trimmed out at 36" and 16" high respectively. Notice how the walls are painted: the room with the 36" high wall picks up the white of the ceiling and the room with the 16" wall is painted solid top to bottom. Both rooms have an initial coat of paint; a second coat is required for a finished look.

 Alpine Plans 
Garage Apartments, Loft Storage, Homes, Weekend Retreats, Cabins, Boat Garages with 10' High Ceilings, etc.

Anastasia Art Studio / Gift Shoppe:  The roof is strikingly beautiful, reminiscent of a Mondrian work of art. The pattern is cut out of standard steel roofing to make the statement.

Click Here to see larger plans and a variation of the theme.


Click Here to see the Winston-Salem 24'x22' garage with a full loft for storage or living quarters.

Click Here to see a 24'x38' Alpine Grand 3-car garage with spacious one bedroom apartment above.

Click Here to see a 24'x40' Alpine 3-car garage with spacious two bedroom apartment above.

Click Here to see a 26x28 Alpine garage with a large 1 bedroom apartment above. Also includes a double garage with a large workshop and two full-length porches or carports.

Click Here to see the Alpine Tiffany, a 1 bedroom efficiency garage apartment (pictured above). Features a great room and full bath.

Click Here to see the Alpine Holiday Hideaway Cottage -- sleeps up to 10 guests. The 24'x32' model features a large bath, master bedroom, guest bedroom, bunkhouse (sleeps 5), galley kitchen, and spacious great room and porch 

Click Here to see the 24'x30' two-story Reunion Memories Cabin -- sleeps up to 10. The model features a full-sized kitchen with breakfast bar, 4 bedrooms, and 2 full baths. This is designed for the owner who loves to entertain but is restricted to a small cabin.

Click Here to see the Lakewood, a 24x40 2 bedroom home with a 12x40 boat garage.

Click Here to see the a 1 bedroom vacation home with a double boat garage. Features a large kitchen/dining and living areas.

Click Here to see The View Fantasy, a 30''x30' two-bedroom model with oversized windows and a cathedral ceiling in the great room.

Click Here to see a 2500 SF home with some very nice touches; for example, the two French doors open out from bedrooms.

Click Here
to see a deluxe garage apartment with formal entrance, two bedrooms, much more.

Click Here to see an Alpine Century designed for a narrow lot. Features an octagon kitchen, three bedrooms, sitting area, huge 17x15 master bedroom with double-tiered closet, laundry room, more.

Click Here to see a two bedroom home with the upstairs loft in the Alpine unfinished, ready for your plan. Features large L-shaped dining and living room, great kitchen, laundry room, more.

Click Here
to see an ultra-chic apartment created from the abundant loft space. Features a full kitchen, bath, double-tiered closet, laundry area, more.

Click Here to see a 24x40 garage apartment with 1010 square feet. Features a full kitchen, bath, laundry room, and L-shaped dining and living room.

Click Here to see the downstairs of a 24x36 home. Features three bedrooms, walk-in closets, full kitchen, bath, laundry room, and L-shaped dining and living room.

Click Here to see the upstairs of a 24x36 home. Features three bedrooms, walk-in closets, full kitchen, bath, laundry room, and L-shaped dining and living room.

Click Here to see a 24x32 loft apartment. Features kitchen, master bedroom, full bath, laundry room, and great room.

Click Here to see an Alpine Century four bedroom home designed with family-living in mind.

Click Here to see photos of a 24x40 garage apartment. Features oversized kitchen, master bedroom, two entrances to the full bath, laundry room, walk-in closet with linen, an 8'x8' barbecue deck and 10' of headroom downstairs for a boat.

Click Here to see the above Alpine Century 1994 SF four bedroom home. Features sunroom, gala porch, laundry room, barbecue deck, much more.

The Prestige Adornments

The Prestige Adornments

  • Crafted on-site by a professional Bradley crew. The lumber package will be delivered by HOME DEPOT to your building location -- quality assured materials.
  • Concrete Slab: The Alpine rests firmly on a 4" monolithic concrete slab with footers. While one should pick a level site for the building, leveling up to 6" is included. Note: There will be an extra charge if fill or additional leveling is required. When building on your slab, deduct $4.55 per square foot for models under 500 SF, over 500 SF, deduct $4.81 SF.
  • Bottom Plate: Pressure treated bottom plate with sill seal between plate and concrete.
  • Top Plates: Double top plates are included.
  • Studs: Number 2 white wood spaced 16" on center.
  • Double Wall Construction: Bradley wraps the building in sturdy 7/16" OSB (Orient Strand Board), the industry standard. The OSB is then sealed by a weather-resistive plastic barrier (as TYBEC) in accordance with the industry standard to prevent water infiltration into the wall. The siding is installed directly over the barrier and OSB. See next item.
  • Siding: Choice of either vinyl siding or Hardiplank brand lap siding. Hardiplank is a concrete composite board with a 50-year limited warranty. You have two choices: (1) a cedar texture or (2) a smooth finish with a bead at the bottom. Both are primed, ready for painting. The vinyl option includes vinyl soffit and aluminum trim coil over the fascia boards; hence, the home is maintenance free.
  • FULL Loft: The Bradley Silent Floor System is incorporated into each Alpine loft. The 20' model is equipped with 12" commercially produced I-Beams spaced 16" on center; the 24' model has 14" I-Beams. The I-Beams are topped off with 3/4" (actual 23/32") tongue and groove flooring (nailed and glued), a must if you plan to use vinyl flooring in any area upstairs. If plywood sheeting is used, cracks will appear in the vinyl where the sheets meet.
  • Wide Dormers: Bradley increased the standard 48" dormer to 6' in order to receive either a 5' desk or bathtub, etc. (Note: The wall takes up about 12"; hence, you will have a little over 5' for a tub.) Two dormers are included in the package price. Deduct $616.40 each if you do not desire dormers. Price does not include the windows (see below).
  • Choice of Stairs: 42" staircase with landing on the 20' wide models and a straight staircase on the 24' models. Includes framed out stairwell with 1x12 trim boards; drywall or paneling slips behind these for easy finishing. The 24' straight stairs allows a large closet or storage area, framed out with an 6' wide opening for louvered or French style doors. Note: If you plan to occupy the loft area, the stairwell has to be closed off with a door in order to prevent exhaust fumes from going upstairs. The latter is only applicable if the bottom level is used as a garage. As an option, swap the interior stairs for 36" exterior pressure treated stairs with top landing for only $251.00. The upgrade includes a 36" six-panel steel insulated door with 9 lites. Specs: 2"x12" steps, 2"x4" handrail, 2"x2" safety rungs. Upgrade to either 42" or 48" stairs, and add a finished tread. for pricing.
  • Ceiling Rafters: 2"x6" rafters 16" on centers. Number 2 white wood. 
  • Drywall Collar Ties: 2"x6" tied to each rafter (16" on center). The competition includes collar ties each 4' and, hence, drywall rafters have to be added. With Bradley, drywall may be applied directly to the collar ties; hence, drywall joists are not required.
  • Siding and Trim Nails: Bradley insists on either galvanized or electroplated rust-resistant nails on all exterior boards. Wax coated nails will soon rust and leave ugly marks and streaks.
  • Roof Decking:  4'x8' sheets of  7/16" OSB (Orient Strand Board); the decking is the industrial standard and is utilized on most new construction. 
  • Felt Paper: Felt paper is included at no additional cost; others charge an extra .45 cents per square foot. On a 20'x20' model, the added felt would be a costly $180.00. Felt paper, while considered by some builders as a "temporary dry-in," is actually a second line of defense in the event a shingle is blown off during a heavy rainstorm, which can cause heavy damage. In fact, your insurance company may balk when asked to cover a building that does not include felt.
  • Fascia Board: 1"x6" primed white wood all sides.
  • Shingles: Unlike many of our competitors that offer 3-tab shingles, Bradley includes upgraded 25-year architectural, built-up shingles. There are nine colors from which to select, ranging from tan to dark brown to gray to black. If you require a 3-tab shingle, deduct $1.15 SF of floor space. 
  • Trim Boards for Corners: 1"x3.5" concrete composite Hardy concrete composite corners. 
  • Garage Door: A professionally installed, top-of-the-line 16'x7' insulated door with a row of FREE insulated glass is included in the 20' wide package; and two 9'x7' insulated doors with FREE insulated glass on the 24' wide package.  You have a choice of a door with or without a row of lites (glass). In order to take the chill off a cold winter's morning and insulate against the heat of a hot summer day, Bradley is offering a FREE upgrade to an insulated door with a row of insulated glass. for sizes and pricing. Note: When building outside of our metro Atlanta service area, the customer is asked to contract his/her garage doors from a local concern. The price of our doors are deducted.
  • Windows: Fusion welded vinyl construction. Bradley includes eight home quality, single-hung, tilt-down, double insulated windows in each package: 4 each 36"x48" or 52" home size, 2 each 24x36 bath/kitchen windows, and 2 each 36"x36" dormer size windows. Vinyl windows will not blister, peel, flake, rot or corrode and never need painting. Add one or more additional vinyl windows at a great price. for sizes and pricing. Note: Bradley reserves the right to upgrade the window if the included windows are not in stock.
  • Venting: Full Cobra ridge cap venting (see next).
  • Enclosed Soffist: The Alpine is equipped with the expected 12" overhang with enclosed vinyl soffits, and venting.
  • Painting and Caulking: Painting and caulking is not included. Please ask for a quote to paint the building.
  • Building Permit: Due to the logistics involved, the customer is responsible for securing a building permit (if required) and insuring that the building site conforms to setback requirements and any other covenant restrictions that may apply to your neighborhood. To secure a building permit, call the building and zoning department in your county; the best way to reach them is dial your county's information number. The building and zoning department will provide an address and office hours. Most counties require a copy of your plat map (survey) with a penciled drawing of the placement of the building. You may also wish to print out this page in order to show them exactly what you are planning to build. The fees average $45.00 to $250.00, but may be higher.
  • Warranty: One-Year Limited Warranty on workmanship and construction. A Bradley Building is crafted from the finest of materials, and with proper maintenance (i.e., caulking and painting), your building should provide a lifetime of service. Note: Building must be stained or painted within 90 days after completion or the warranty shall become void.


Sale in Progress!

Take advantage of our Spring and Summer sale and rack up an average of 13% in savings. Bradley Buildings is determined to stay the price leader by passing along the best deals of the year to you. Here they are:

  1. Receive a full 5% discount on any model package - no maximum. A competitor offers 10% off up to a maximum of $800.00. You win an additional $645.00 on a 24x24 model.
  2. Receive an additional 10% on any 3 options added to the package pricing.
  3. Free upgrade from a 36" stairwell to a wider, more expensive 42" staircase. Includes 2x4 boards on the side to accept future drywall and trim boards.  Also includes a framed out closet beneath the stairwell. True savings is $206.00. 
  4. Free upgrade from 2 each 5' wide dormers to either 6' wide dormers -- large enough for a bath -- or a single 12' wide shed dormer. A $338.40 savings to you. Our competitors offer narrow 4' wide dormers.
  5. Free upgrade from standard garage door(s) with a row of glass to insulated garage door(s) with a row of glass. WOW! This equates to a windfall of $401.00 on 2 each 9x7 doors.
  6. Save 50% on the tax. Whereas our competitors charge sales tax on the finished product, Bradley only charges 50%, which goes towards the material package. Any additional taxes are absorbed by Bradley. You will save $1,010.00 on a 24x24 model.
  7. Wow! Look for the BIG BONUS SALE -- an additional 5% off (up to $500.00) -- below on this page. 

IN SUMMARY: You will receive a savings of $3,706.00 on the 24x24 model listed to your left. That's a 13% windfall savings plus the BIG BONUS SALE.

All pricing is online. The Simply WOW SALE is for a limited time and may expire without notice. Hurry!

Sorry, but prior sales do not qualify.


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